How did WebEye help Triwin achieve a 40% increase in ROAS0?

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Keywords: Cost per event (CPE) model, personalized event data definition
Triwin is a casino mobile game developer that specializes in in-app advertising monetization. Its products, such as Triple win slots and Gold fortune casino, are popular in North and South America and continue to grow rapidly.
Growth brings both opportunities
and challenges
However, as Triwin expands rapidly worldwide, acquiring high-quality and large-scale new users becomes a challenging task, which also exacerbates the fluctuation of product DAU. Due to the mismatch of the growth model, Triwin found that the quality of its new users is constantly declining, and core indicators such as user usage time and monetization value are also declining. To solve these problems, Triwin urgently needs to find a new path for growth.


In 2022, Triwin found WebEye in search of change as their products were experiencing sluggish growth in the United States. They established a partnership quickly, relying on our high-traffic domain pool to expand and integrate many new markets in North and South America, including Brazil into their business map. This led to the establishment of a growth collaboration matrix between the two companies, involving multiple products and countries.However, relying solely on high traffic was not enough to solve Triwin's fundamental problems. We discovered that in the IAA model, it is difficult to couple user advertising behavior with growth to solve monetization issues directly during the growth process. Additionally, due to the complexity of the advertising model and long user monetization cycle, Triwin struggled to accurately predict the long-term value of user monetization. Therefore, we took many measures.

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To meet Triwin's personalized data index requirements while ensuring data security, we independently opened up event custom interfaces and supported fuzzy definition.
Through the accumulation of custom data and real-time modeling, after conducting 2-3 weeks of AA traffic bucketing experiments, we selected three user behavior directions coupled with CTR and CVR models and two behavior directions.
Focusing on two key user behavior directions, we selected suitable event event values, and independently incubated a set of cost per event (CPE) models to meet Triwin's demand for quantity and value rising simultaneously.


With the help of the cost per event (CPE) model, Triwin has increased its ROAS 0-7 in each region to varying degrees;
an independent model has brought CVR improvements in terms of traffic volume.

leo lutz

leo lutz


In terms of net traffic, global coverage, diversified net traffic composition, and diversified advertising combination are important factors driving the cooperation between Triwin and WebEye.
In terms of technology, the self-growth model (CPE) and personalized traffic customization are key factors promoting cooperation.
In terms of operation, full-process services including creative content, optimization, and data reporting can be provided to achieve rapid growth.

TaurusX has brought us users of higher quality than expected and can accelerate our monetization efficiency. What's even more surprising is that TaurusX can quickly increase the DAU of our two products by 10 times. Thanks to all the operation experts at TaurusX.

Growth Manager, Triwin


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