How did "Mr.egg" achieve a precise 30% growth and reach the top of the list?

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Untralist Games was established in July 2011 and is a new type of internet cultural company specializing in the field of mobile games. It has always focused on the development and publishing of innovative high-quality mobile games, with many popular products under its brand, including "Balala The Faries" and "Power of Five Spirits of GG bond" and other creative games. The protagonist of this case study, "Mr. egg" has been at the top of the Google Play list for many months.
Explore the unknown, Seek new paths
"Mr. egg" is a puzzle game that challenges players to solve mysteries by controlling a tea egg and searching for clues in the game. Since its release in China, the game has gained a lot of popularity for its simple art style and creative gameplay. It topped the Douyin mini-game ranking in April of the same year, and related videos have been viewed more than 590 million times. With the saturation of the domestic gaming market, many game developers have set their sights on overseas markets. Although "Mr. egg" has achieved certain success in China, going global is still an uncharted territory for Untralist. With rising acquisition costs and policy barriers, it has become increasingly difficult to launch the game overseas. Therefore, finding a partner to assist with global expansion has become a common choice for many game developers.


Buying net traffic on platforms is the first choice for many overseas game publishers, as it can quickly increase game exposure and downloads, thereby increasing the number of users and revenue. The choice of Untralist is no exception. However, as the initial hype subsides and the cost of buying net traffic continues to rise, simply promoting games through buying net traffic is no longer a sustainable way of growth. Therefore, Untralist reached out to their old friend—WebEye, hoping to find other ways of growth to attract more accurate users. With its years of experience, WebEye found that "Mr. egg" has a low threshold and a creative and interesting gameplay, which itself has a strong self-sustaining vitality. To break through, it is necessary to find a way to fully display the game.

Aiming at top channels, influencer marketing reduces costs and improves efficiency

Influencer marketing can not only showcase the highlights of the game comprehensively, but its cost is also much lower than that of buying net traffic on major channels, making it a growth path suitable for "Mr. egg". With rich influencer marketing resource, WebEye has also positioned the user population accurately, targeting top local influencers, bringing Untralist long-term sustainable traffic with relatively high returns on investment, interaction rates, and retention rates, while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Expanding the voice: Influencers provide professional endorsements, high exposure helps to quickly create momentum and climb rankings;
Precise marketing: lock the target audience, vertical marketing improves the target user reach rate;
Increasing interaction: local influencers positively influence fan behavior, stimulating downloads and increasing retention;
Conversion: high-viscosity fans effectively convert into actual downloads; high conversion materials expand the impact of high-quality content.

As of now, the cumulative video playback of "Mr. egg" on YouTube in Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea has exceeded one billion times.

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With the support of precise KOL marketing, "Mr. egg" successfully topped the iOS and Google Play overall rankings, and maintained its position for several months;
in the end, both the download volume and revenue growth of "Mr. egg" showed significant improvements.

leo lutz

On the journey of game globalization, we are fortunate to have met WebEye, a trustworthy partner. Their rich experience and professional data model help us achieve the highest efficiency in profit. We look forward to creating greater glory together with WebEye in the future.

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