Collaboration with WebEye breaks bottleneck,
IGG growth is visible

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Keywords: lookalike paid crowd expansion, multi-dimensional real-time data monitoring and warning
I Got Games (IGG) is an electronic interactive entertainment media company, dedicated to providing players with online game and online entertainment community services. Its real-time war strategy game Lords Mobile and zombie-themed game Doomsday: Last Survivors have unique game design, innovative gameplay, exquisite game graphics and high-frequency content iteration, which have accumulated high popularity nationwide.
Product maturity = incremention bottleneck?

leo lutz


In order to further achieve growth, IGG has partnered with WebEye. WebEye TaurusX is an advertising platform with rich net traffic sources. It not only maintains close partnerships with top media worldwide, but also has accumulated a large number of game users and fine-grained interactive behavior data through years of deep experience in the gaming industry. By using lookalike paid users expansion capabilities, WebEye TaurusX and IGG work together to deeply analyze and summarize the basic attributes of paid user profiles, lock and expand the target user group size. At the same time, TaurusX's deep event interactive learning model algorithm has high-frequency iterative effectiveness, under the escort of real-time data monitoring and warning, to ensure that IGG can efficiently reach high-quality users and continuously improve its scale.


This advertising campaign has brought more and novel user value to IGG's Lords Mobile and Doomsday: Last Survivors products, steadily speeding up the advertiser's recovery speed and continuously expanding the target user base within a certain period of time.

leo lutz

Based on the two mature products, Lords Mobile and Doomsday: Last Survivors, we encountered bottlenecks in our volume breakthrough. But through close collaboration with TaurusX, we were able to achieve breakthrough user growth for these two products while ensuring stable quality of recovery and retention.



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