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Unveiling the second growth curve of ChangDu Technology's overseas businesses

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Changdu Technology is a technology company that specializes in web novel going overseas. In 2017, it began to deploy overseas business, and continuously developed and released ManoBook, MoboReader and other web novel products. Some of them have already achieved the first place in some App Stores of 66 regions worldwide. At present, Changdu has been the top one in web novels going overseas business.
Competition is getting tough.
Only to increase the price for volume?
Previously, Facebook had become the first choice for novel advertisers due to its ability to place long content in the copy. However, as more manufacturers found out the business opportunities and successively invested in the shares, the web novel industry was gradually crowded. More and more competitions have caused Facebook's overall CPM and unit price to rise rapidly. Even during Black Friday in the US, the price per thousand impressions rose to a sky-high price of more than $200. In this case, more and more advertisers are looking for new channels to obtain lower acquisition costs. Google, which has the largest share of online advertising in the global market, has become their first choice.

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With years of experience in cooperation with Google, WebEye has attracted the attention of Changdu Technology. In oder to meet the needs of Changdu, WebEye quickly established a special project team and took action. However, the team soon encountered the first problem. The traditional Google AC media buying method could not attract users through long copy, so the in-app purchase conversion rate of attracted users was often low, resulting in a situation that the ROI is in line with their expectations. After an in-depth research and investigation of this issue, the team provided Changdu Technology with a  Web to App  technology solution that had just been opened for testing but not been officially released. Although the technology was still in beta, the perceptive project owner still believed that this would be a breakthrough in solving the growth problem of Changdu.

New technologies bring
Second growth curve

Web to App is a technology that converts web ads into In App Ads to increase ad click through rate and conversion rate. Using Web to App technology, WebEye created a direct channel between H5 ads and Google Play download pages, which reduced the cost of app customer acquisition, optimized marketing effectiveness and boosted ROI at the same time.

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Through the joint efforts of WebEye and Changdu, Changdu Technology quickly discovered a new growth direction within Google's huge internal net traffic. Through a period of hard work, Changdu has successfully consumed tens of thousands of dollars per day on Google's Web to App program which is 30% lower than Facebook. The user in-app purchase conversion rate has increased by 20%, and the first-day ROI has increased by more than 30%. This growth still continues.

WebEye provides Web to App technology solutions for Changdu. Taking advantage of the flexibility and directness of the web side, they empower all the advertising and marketing process through technical links to web pages and App data. Expand the scope of our media buying, and effectively breaks through the existing bottleneck of Changdu. What's more, they  brings flexible solutions for different KPI assessments, which greatly improves operational performance.

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