How did Learnings increase user acquisition by 50% through data-driven?

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Learnings was founded in 2016 and is one of the leading mobile game publishers in China. With the mission of “transforming ordinary and boring time into meaningful moments through gaming”, as of August 2021, they have more than 10 games in the mobile gaming market, including coloring games, puzzle games, elimination games, and card games, with a worldwide monthly active user base of 70 million. Among them, Paint by Number and Block Puzzle have accumulated over 100 million downloads.
Where the user goes, where we lay out
Classic mobile games such as coloring, puzzle, and elimination games are still popular among many players, despite the constant emergence of new mobile games in the market. With the continuous growth of the user base, it is important to store, manage, and analyze the rapidly growing user behavior data in order to gain a deeper understanding of users and create products that completely cater to their preferences. On this basis, it is also necessary to further consider how to optimize advertising delivery, achieve precise marketing, and improve overall ROI. Therefore, when Learnings began developing mobile games in 2017, the company realized that building a powerful data analysis system was necessary to gain a deeper understanding of users and create products that cater to their preferences.

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Learnings learned that the WebEye team has rich experience in marketing and advertising, as well as strong technical capabilities in data analysis. Therefore, they chose to cooperate with the WebEye team in order to better improve the effectiveness and quality of digital marketing. The WebEye team conducted in-depth analysis of Learnings' business needs and technology selection, and provided a set of one-stop data analysis solutions which are easy to integrate, efficient to operate and safe to data governance, helping customers establish a comprehensive data analysis and business intelligence system in just six months, making Learnings' digital marketing more efficient and accurate.

Given that Learnings has long used Google Analytics and other Google marketing products related to data, the WebEye team suggested that it choose the Google Cloud Platform, which supports deep and complex data analysis tools and is easy to integrate.
By integrating Google Analytics into the data warehouse, user data from the application can be seamlessly imported into the data warehouse without the need for excessive manpower, and existing engineers can use aggregation and processing of all data to build a smooth data pipeline.


After implementing the plan, the customer achieved immediate outcomes.

With the support of a fully managed data warehouse, there is no need for professional operations and maintenance personnel, and data engineers only need to focus on data analysis and report production.
Using the data warehouse for detailed A/B testing, they developed more effective product development strategies. While respecting user privacy, Learnings relies on high-performance data warehouses to accurately and real-time analyze user behavior, develop more attractive game features, and double their user base in a few months.
By identifying the most attractive advertising methods for potential users, their user acquisition rate has increased by more than 50%.

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WebEye helped us quickly establish a data platform based on GCP data warehouse. Through efficient data analysis, we can better understand our users. Through in-depth user behavior analysis, we were able to develop more attractive game play and content, resulting in the doubling of our user base in a few months.



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