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Founded in 2016, Huanle Entertainment is an IT company focusing on mobile game design, development, publishing and operation. It is committed to creating high-quality game products and providing the best game experience for global players through continuous innovation and optimization.
Emphasis long-term value
Create games with heart
Hero Killer is a Chinese-style card game set against the backdrop of the Three Kingdoms era, where players can play various roles from that time period such as Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Quan, and more, and engage in gameplay through card battles. Players must combine their cards and use different strategies to defeat their opponents and finally become the hero of the game. The game features various types of cards, including character cards, equipment cards, and tactics cards, each with different attributes and skills. Players must create the best tactics based on their card combinations and use different skills to deal with different situations. In addition to card battles, the game also features other gameplay modes, such as arenas, challenges, and dungeons. Players can battle other players in the arena, earn rewards through challenges, and challenge various bosses in dungeons.Due to the unique nature of strategy games, there is a certain learning difficulty to get start, which creates a high threshold for new and casual players to understand and accept the game, making it difficult to quickly gain a large-scale user.During the past advertising material production process, various factors such as high costs and uncertainty led to multiple variables. Thus, Huanle Entertainment hopes to increase the quantity and creativity of the materials, promote diversified buying plans, and obtain more growth through continuous optimization, improving user retention and conversion rates.


As a medium-heavy card game, "Hero Killer" has a unique gameplay rule, which is also a new attempt for the WebEye team. We were well aware of the high requirements of customers for the quality of visual effects and packaging. Such project required strong professional technical capabilities and consumes a long time. Therefore, the team has always been striving to produce the best results. In mobile games, user retention and conversion rates are very important indicators. Huanle Entertainment needed to maintain the long-term attractiveness of the game, while optimizing the user experience, increasing user retention and conversion rates. In this process, we constantly faced various variables caused by factors such as high costs and uncertainty in the production of advertising materials. The customer hoped that through this cooperation, they could control costs to a certain extent, try diversified creative materials, and find the best effect through continuous optimization and adjustment.

Lock the attractive element and chase the key point

In order to attract players, game advertisements need to showcase the game's excellent quality, unique gameplay experience, scene and character construction, as well as overall style. For this game "Hero Killer", there are many character roles, each with unique skills. Therefore, to make the ads attractive enough, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the game's gameplay, skills, and highlights, and to quickly capture the user's points of interest.Our team quickly brainstormed and collected creative key points through multidimensional methods in a short time. Using the recently popular AI tool—chatgpt for multiple Q&A, we mastered the game's outstanding features and popular elements in less than an hour. With the help of chatgpt, we quickly output high-quality scripts and further improved them with years of advertising experience.At the same time, our self-developed video production tool could match multiple derivative modes with one click, such as adding borders, adjusting filters, and adding special effects. With the cooperation of AI technology algorithms, it could create ten different new creative ideas from the original video in just a dozen seconds, to some extent solving the production capacity and channel duplication problems. These verified materials could ensure that we produce advertising materials in a faster and lower-cost way, and also show the game's attractiveness more quickly and directly, retain player interest, and improve the conversion rate of advertisements.

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Based on WebEye's 7-year experience in advertising material production, and outstanding creative production experience in the gaming category.
In this cooperation, the explosive rate is between 20% to 30%, and the best effect is achieved by flipping and cutting, and continuous optimization and iteration are carried out for the volume materials. Of the five ads, one ads quickly stands out in the early stage of the launch, with a high explosive rate and effective increase in conversion rate.

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We chose to cooperate with the WebEye team. Their AI creative material tool helped us to quickly generate diversified creative materials, and the efficiency was very high during the production process, greatly shortening our production cycle. At the same time, the quality of these materials is also very high, effectively improving our conversion rate. We are very grateful for the support and help of the WebEye team, and we believe that we will have more cooperation opportunities in the future.

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